Sydney Golf Academy - Meet Manu

Meet Manu – one of the youngest members of the Sydney Golf Academy

When you think of golf, it’s not often that you associate it with a six-year-old kindergartener. However, having recently spotted this pint-sized Sydney Golf Academy student on the driving range, we wanted to know more.

It turns out Manu has been having lessons at Moore Park since he was just three years old (still in pull- ups!). Manu has only just turned six which means he’s been working on his golf skills for almost half of his life.

‘Manu has really excelled with his understanding of the golf swing and what he needs to do to hit the ball which is so impressive at such a young age!’

Whilst he’s yet to play a full round of golf, Manu has begun to enjoy learning the different elements of the golf game from putting and chipping to the larger driving hits. When asked what he loves about playing golf he said ‘I like putting because it feels good when the ball goes in the hole. I also love hitting the ball really far’.

Moving forward AK has plans to get Manu playing more on the golf course and getting him ready for future golf competitions. Given Manu’s love for riding around in the golf carts, we suspect he’ll be very excited for what’s to come.

‘I love that he can play from when he started to when he is an old man.’

When he’s not at Moore Park Golf, Manu loves lots of other sports including surfing, nippers, athletics and cheering for his favourite team, the Sydney Roosters. He loves learning at school, especially math and when he grows up, he wants to be an inventor whilst traveling the world as a pro golfer and surfer.

We can’t wait to see Manu progress over the coming years as part of Sydney Golf Academy and when we asked mum Tandia why she picked golf over any other sport, she said ‘I love that he can play from when he started to when he is an old man. There is far less risk of injury so he can potentially have a long career compared to if he were to play footy. I also spent time while I was growing up at the driving range with my uncle and sisters so it’s nice to see Manu enjoying it so much’.

If you’re interested in enrolling your child into the Sydney Golf Academy, we have a wonderful team of PGA Pros and support staff that can help you on the journey. For more information about our team of PGA Pros, click here, email [email protected] or call (02) 9662 5109.