ParaGolfer – ACCESSIBLE PARAPLEGIC GOLF – Get up and play!

Thanks to the Centennial Parklands Foundation initiative, Moore Park Golf is now the most accessible golf course in Sydney for wheelchair golf with the ParaGolfer, and we also have automated hitting bays on the driving range.


Please note: The Paragolfer is currently unavailable at this time. Please contact the Golf Shop for more information. 


Wheelchair golf at moore park

The Centennial Parklands Foundation had the vision to see Moore Park Golf as the most accessible golf course in Sydney for those who are paraplegic and play golf using the ParaGolfer. In January 2014, this vision was realised, with the introduction of the ParaGolfer, supported by a fully automated tee-up system on the driving range and a risk assessed golf course – making the wheelchair golf experience complete.

The ParaGolfer is a singular all-terrain special mobility device that lifts people from a sitting position to a standing position, giving those who are paraplegic the opportunity to still enjoy our great game. Aside from the many physical benefits of this feature, standing upright also offers the psychological benefit of communicating with others at eye level. The standing device allows for extremely fast and easy adjustment of seat depth and lower leg length – a feature without which the highly flexible function would not be possible. By enabling an upright posture, the ParaGolfer allows for unrestricted shoulder movement to facilitate key movements to promote a golf swing action, a huge benefit on the golf course and driving range.

Getting started

Step 1: Download the following items and complete the required forms, including the pre-medical check (which must be completed by your practitioner):

Public Liability Waiver
User Safety Information
Medical Discloser Checklist
ParaGolfer Brochure

Step 2: Send the completed forms back to us at [email protected]

Step 3: We will confirm a convenient time to complete the Paragolfer theory and competency training with you, administered by one of our friendly team

Step 4: Start using the Paragolfer on the driving range or golf course (subject to availability)

ParaGolfer Rates

2 hour training and competency test (one time only) $199
1 hour ParaGolfer hire $20
2 hour ParaGolfer hire $30
4 hour ParaGolfer hire $45