A little-known fact about Moore Park Golf Course is that when its doors were opened in 1913, it became the first public access golf course in NSW. Since then, Moore Park Golf Course has prided itself on being one of the most accessible courses for the public and the local community, ensuring golfing in Sydney remains a fun and enjoyable experience for players of all abilities.

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Moore Park Golf Course Map

Hole 1

An inviting opening hole. A drive down the centre or right hand side will give you a clear shot to the large green guarded by a bunker short right. The green is fairly flat with a little rise on the back left corner.

Pro Tip: With your second shot, it is slightly uphill so maybe take one extra club and play for the centre of the green.



Par: 4 398
Index: 2/21 378

Par: 4 330
Index: 4/24/45



Hole 2

A trickier hole than what may appear. Large green that is exposed to the wind so club selection here is important. There is a grassy hollow in the front of the green, which can make the green appear to be closer.

Pro Tip: Balls landing on the front of the green are at risk of rolling off into the grassy hollow, so don’t leave it short.



Par: 3 137
Index: 18/36 131

Par: 3 125
Index: 18/36



Hole 3

A tough dog leg to the left, the third hole requires an accurate tee shot to the middle or right side. There is a large fairway bunker protecting the right side off the tee so it is advisable to play short of this. This will leave you with a mid-iron into a relatively flat and unprotected green.

Pro Tip: Leave the driver in the bag off the tee and be a hero with your second. Birdie is still possible with a nice second.



Par: 4 382
Index: 7/26 333

Par: 4 305
Index: 10/29



Hole 4

The longest hole on the golf course and rated one of the most difficult. The tee shot for long hitters may carry the fairway pot bunker, the shorter player must avoid this at all cost. Try to keep your drive and second shot down the left half, as this hole slightly dog-legs to the right. The third shot into the green is a tricky one as the green slopes heavily from back to front.

Pro tip: Similar to the first hole, your shot into the green is uphill so take the challenge and be aggressive… birdie is on here!



Par: 5 550
Index: 3/19 535

Par: 5 451
Index: 6/19/42



Hole 5

The 5th hole is an elevated and tricky tee shot, exposed to the wind, so club selection is key. Try not to miss the green to the left as is almost a certain bogey. The green is protected by two bunkers, with the green sloping back to front.

Pro Tip: The 5th is the most picturesque hole on the course, so make sure you enjoy the views across the city before delivering a smooth swing off the tee to set you up for a 2!



Par: 3 158
Index: 14/32 155

Par: 3 140
Index: 16/32



Hole 6

The 6th hole is a short and relatively open par 5. A solid drive down the centre or right side will set you up nicely. Avoid play down the left hand side and balls landing left of fairway will bounce hard left, leaving you with few options. For longer hitters, two good shots into this relatively unprotected green is possible.

Pro Tip: The key to the 6th hole is a great tee shot, as this will give you options to either take on the green for your second, or set you up for a short pitch for your third.



Par: 5 480
Index: 12/28 463

Par: 5 407
Index: 14/26/40



Hole 7

A difficult and long par 3 guarded by left hand bunkers and a slope that runs away on the right. The green is fairly narrow and flat and any shot on the green here is a good result.

Pro tip: Check the wind and pin location on this hole as a back flag will require one or two extra clubs. Definitely play conservatively here, a green in regulation is the percentage play.



Par: 3 190
Index: 16/34 171

Par: 3 140
Index: 8/34



Hole 8

Try to stick to the middle of the fairway for your tee shot, avoiding the bunker down the left hand side. The second shot is uphill to a fairly blind pin so an extra club may be needed. The green is protected by a bunker on the right and a grass bunker left.

Pro Tip: A par is always a good score here so play for the middle of the green to avoid trouble left and right.



Par: 4 363
Index: 5/23 358

Par: 4 323
Index: 2/21/38



Hole 9

The 9th hole gives you options from the tee – long hitters may be able to reach the green on 1, or you may layup into position with a long iron or hybrid, falling short of the fairway bunker down the right. The approach to the green can be tricky as the green is protected by a large pot bunker on the left with the green sloping heavily from back to front, left to right.

Pro tip: With your approach shot into the green, play a few metres left of the flag as the ball will kick to the right. This hole is definitely a birdie chance!



Par: 4 286
Index: 10/30 280

Par: 4 257
Index: 12/28/43



Hole 10

The beautiful city backdrop frames this medium length par 3. The two-tiered and narrow green provides a tough challenge whilst also being guarded by three on both sides. A mid iron played towards the centre of the green is the percentage play, as left and right are definitely bogey territory.

Pro tip: The front third of the green is a no-no as the ball will run off the front. Definitely club yourself to shoot to the middle or back half of the green.



Par: 3 156
Index: 8/33 144

Par: 3 123
Index: 15/33



Hole 11

From an elevated tee, a drive finishing down the right side of the fairway will give you a chance at a clear second shot up the fairway. Avoiding the perfectly placed fairway bunkers on the right hand side of the fairway is a must, leaving you a short iron in for your third.

Pro tip: Be cautious with your approach shot to the green, as anything long beyond the the green makes for a tough one coming back.



Par: 5 481
Index: 9/22 476

Par: 5 442
Index: 5/22/41



Hole 12

A short and interesting par 4, played from an elevated tee to a very narrow fairway that runs out of room for longer shots. Off the tee, the fairway is protected by a large bunker on the right hand side, with large trees protecting the left. The green has a massive tier protected by a bunker on the right.

Pro tip: Leave the driver in the bag and opt for a long iron or hybrid from the tee. This will put into a scoring position as a short iron into the green will set you up for a par or birdie!



Par: 4 310
Index: 6/27 301

Par: 4 295
Index: 7/25



Hole 13

Long par 3 with a bunker guarding the right side of the green. This hole requires a confident tee shot into a partially blind pin position. The green is quite wide so play towards the middle will yield the best score.

Pro tip: The tee shot plays slightly uphill so make sure you grab the right club out of the bag and hit this tee shot with confidence.



Par: 3 198
Index: 4/31 192

Par: 3 172
Index: 3/31



Hole 14

A nice par 4, winding slightly to left. Play is favoured towards the right hand side with your tee shot as a large tree may block any stray shots to the left. The green is protected by a large bunker on the left hand side with a large green heavily sloped front to back.

Pro tip: The 14th is definitely a birdie chance, with a confident drive down the centre of the fairway. Be aggressive with your second shot and try to leave the ball below the hole to give you the best chance to make the putt.



Par: 4 360
Index: 13/25 341

Par: 4 315
Index: 9/27



Hole 15

An interesting par 3 heading north, with a large double green shared with the 17th hole. Aim for the flag but be mindful of wind direction off the tee.

Pro tip: Aim and shoot – the key to success of this hole is club selection.



Par: 3 162
Index: 17/35 152

Par: 3 140
Index: 17/35



Hole 16

A short uphill par 5, reachable in two for the longer hitters. The perfect drive is down the left side opening up for the second shot to a narrow fairway protected by out-of-bounds left, trees and wastelands right. The green is inconveniently shaped to the right and protected by several large bunkers front and back.

Pro tip: Smash it off the tee and set yourself up with a chance to take in on in two shots or position yourself for an easy chip up the green from the left side.



Par: 5 442
Index: 11/24 435

Par: 5 400
Index: 13/23/39



Hole 17

A drive right of the pine tree in the distance should leave you a short approach shot to the green. The green is protected by a bunker right and long left and will only come into play with a wild second shot. The green slopes slightly back to front and becomes quite narrow with back flag pin positions.

Pro tip: The tee shot gives you options. If your game is on then driver is the play, otherwise a conservative placement from the tee with an iron or hybrid may also give you a great chance for a birdie.



Par: 4 331
Index: 15/29 319

Par: 4 293
Index: 11/30/44



Hole 18

Arguably the hardest hole on the course and one of Sydney’s greatest finishing holes. A drive left of centre will leave you with the best chance of getting home in two, as the tall trees down the right will block out any chance of hitting this green in regulation. The green itself is possibly the toughest on the course, as the middle section hosts a buried elephant size mound, creating challenging pins and a tough putting test.

Pro tip: Tee shot = left side, left side, left side!



Par: 4 407
Index: 1/20 395

Par: 4 340
Index: 1/20/37